Inductors for induction heating

NUOVA A.P.S. carries out repairing and restoration of inductors in all primary companies manufacturing induction plants.

The processing, carried out through technologically advanced methods, is undertaken with care in order to guarantee a high degree of reliability and a long lifetime of the product, indispensable requirement to avoid possible breakdowns of production in a forming line.

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Inductors photo gallery:

Series of aluminum blocks heaters
for drawing systems
Spare part
Electrical connection part
Inductor series for the treatment of
pipes from 1500 to 400
Inside of pipe treatment inductor
Detail of curve material production
inductor inlet
Detail of curve material production
inductor outlet
AISI 316 curve manufacturing
inductor, thickness 16”

Inductor for 18-ton steel
foundry oven

Mains frequency pre-heating
Series of inductors for bars heating
ø 160-220 AEG oven 5600 KW
Line inductors for steel heating
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