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NUOVA A.P.S was incorporated has developed as a company specialized in the manufacturing and repairing of inductors aimed to heating of steel and brass bars, and afterwards its market was widened by introducing the manufacturing and repairing of coils for foundry ovens, by including as well in the sector of its production the manufacturing and repairing of coaxial cables and of all those mechanical partsconcerning the product.

In order to be more and more competitive on the market and limit the difficulties in finding raw materials, in particular of the copper profile employed for the manufacturing of the inductor spiral, NUOVA A.P.S. has introduced in its activity the drawing of copper profiles. Today it’s able to supply rectangular, square and round-section profiles, in DHP or ETP both raw and annealed.

Inductors for induction heating
Copper profiles

Our staff's flexibility and our engagement allow us to be competitive. Our office is at your disposal for estimates and advice .

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